Here, at the Web Science program, my team members (Dayah, Fuming, and me) have prepared a presentation with the title of “unexpected openness” for three days, and today we presented.

It was a really good activity. I could see how people bring up their ideas, how to mix them, and how to improve them. Fuming kept saying “Let’s do crazy things,” and I quite did my best not to miss ideas that poped up in my mind.

I found that I haven’t done this kind of discuss for my study or whatever. Usually I think by myself. Even though sometimes I asked other people’s opinion, I didn’t really try to develop further and further. It was very fun and interesting to gether each other’s idea, jot down on the white board, and refine them.

The schedule has been so tight so far. I have been inside most of the time here, and I don’t even  know how the weather’s like these days. Tomorrow I’ll go to the Adirondack Park and take a rest. Excited!


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