Vic & Annie in Albany

Vic & Annie
Vic & Annie

I was amazed. I thought they would say, “8:45pm is too late. Maybe we can meet next time.” They were so kind and friendly that they just came to the Albany bus terminal to pick me up and brought me to a pizza restaurant. Actually, Vic said in his email that we might have some fellowship and pray together on the way back to my housing. Even for that little amount of time, they were glad to see me.

Vic and Annie moved from Austin, Texas. They had a Korean student, whose name is Sujung, in their home and they told me that she was almost their “child” because they haven’t had a baby for 15 years. It made Sujung’s parents, who had been very anti-Christ, open their mind, and now they open their home. Vic and Annie had a clear vision that opening home is the right way to allow the Lord to move.

There are only a few saints in Albany. I asked Vic if it’s not difficult to have a church life with such a few saints. He didn’t wait for even 1 second to answer that the church life is mostly depends on homes, say, 80%. They are having a good church life by encouraging one another and sometimes blending in other regions. And, of course, they are praying for campuses.

We had sweet fellowship and I got some tracts “the mistery of human life.” They brought me back to the dorm and didn’t forget to ask me to let them know if any Korean students come to colleges in NY.

Today, even before I met them, I felt that our weak points make us more humble and more like human in a good way. When I asked them why they had decided to meet me although it was too late, their answer was simple. “We didn’t want to miss this opportunity.” It was such a grace that I met Vic and Annie.

Vic & Annie in Albany

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