Last Night at NYC

All of a sudden, our credit cards didn’t work. It was 11pm. If we got on the AirTrain, then we could go back to Korea. Only $10 was all we needed. There was no ATM, the ticket counter had no credit card machine, the red-uniform-wearing guide had no money (!), and we had no cash. We couldn’t go forward nor backward. We couldn’t walk to the airport. We couldn’t help but begging. The red guy gave us $4.25 metrocard. An Asian couple, at last, gave us $5.00.

The airport was too complicated. We had to go up and down and turn around the building. But stil we couldn’t check in that night. We “slept” on a bench like the homeless, thinking “I’ll never sleep at an airport again.”

How was the airpalne? It was a Delta airplane. The display didn’t work-it kept rebooting.Since I could control the flash light only through the display, my seat was very dark. I couldn’t do anything! Furthermore, my Sudoku got messed up. The most boring flight trip ever.

Last Night at NYC

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