2010 New Year’s Resolution

New Year's Resolution

General Goals

  • Make publications
  • Regular exercises
  • Read books (not textbooks)
  • Travel in Japan when cherry blossoms are in full bloom (Late March ~ April)

Academic Goals

  • Study mathematics
  • Courses to take
    • Algorithms (Mandatory)
    • Operating Systems (Mandatory)
    • Information Storage & Retrieval (prof. 맹성현)
    • Reinforcement Learning (prof. 김기응)

Research Goals

  • ACM SIGIR ‘10 Poster (2/12)
  • ACM MM ‘10 Full paper (3/21)
  • Etc.
    • Author-topic-opinion model
    • Document topics visualization
  • Try to escape from well-established tools like
    • LDA, chi-square, …
  • Find my research style

Conferences & Journals

  • Aware of travel-related research
    • Journal of Travel Research
    • Annals of Tourism Research
  • ACM MM

For the Group

  • Arrange libraries (source codes)
2010 New Year’s Resolution

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