A can of coffee

It seems like most of the recent topics of my posts here are Edushare. I’m really learning new things from it!

At the beginning, I didn’t know how to handle those kids that appeared to be out of control. I tried to avoid them and not to have trouble with them. Since I succeeded to draw their attention a couple of weeks ago, however, I’ve gained some confidence. Today, I was looking into the window to see how many students came, and they saw me and shook the hand. Teachers are unwilling to care for them–actually it’s very very exhausting, and there are many other “good” students–and accordingly I came to care for two of them today, 창조 & 준혁, in a separate class room. I don’t think I can force them to concentrate on math problems, and I don’t even want to, at least for now. I want to have conversations with them and want to know what they think, what they feel, what they like, what they want, and what they don’t want. What kind of personality they have, what is the matter with them. 창조 has a big build and looks a little scary, but behaves just like a kid. I’m often surprised to see how childish they are. Anyway they told me they wanted to drink some beverages, and I allowed them to go buy some from the bending machine. When they came back, they passed me a can of coffee. I was confused for a while. Why do they buy me this? 창조 said, “he lost for words,” and 준혁 said, “he’s shocked by the gift.” Yes, I really was. I thank them.

They asked me what jobs make a lot of money. I said that doctors and lawyers do, and asked 준혁 what he wants to be in the future. He said he wants to be an artist. Well, I don’t know if it’s a joke or not. But I really hope them to have a dream.

A can of coffee

3 thoughts on “A can of coffee

    1. zukjimote says:

      Writing a paper -_- Well, being a teacher has been one of my specific dreams and I’m kind of doing what I’ve wanted to do.

  1. Jo, Gwangsoo says:

    위대함을 낳는 매직 넘버, 1만 시간의 법칙

    어느 분야에서든 세계수준의 전문가, 마스터가 되려면
    1만 시간의 연습이 필요하다.
    작곡가, 야구선수, 소설가, 스케이트 선수, 피아니스트, 체스선수, 숙달된 범죄자,
    그 밖의 어떤 분야에서든 연구를 거듭하면 할수록 이 수치를 확인할 수 있다.
    1만 시간은 대략 하루 세 시간, 일주일에 스무 시간씩 10년간 연습한 것과 같다.

    어느 분야에서든 이보다 적은 시간을 연습해
    세계 수준의 전문가가 탄생한 경우를 발견하지는 못했다.

    – 신경과학자인 다니엘 레비틴, 말콤 글레드웰 저 ‘아웃라이어’에서 인용

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