Ph.D Interview

Today I had a Ph.D. interview after long consideration. The thing was I got too stressed for the last couple of days, so the interview happened to be a chance to vent my anger. I wore a casual polo shirt and cotton pants instead of dressing up, partly because I didn’t have a suit that fits me, but mainly for my little protest against the professors who would be against my clothes. (What?? Why so aggressive? But really, I was curious how they would respond to my clothes.) I also tried to loosen the tense during the interview by having informal conversations with the interviewers. I wanted to see if this would be any good.

While I was looking back on the interview afterwards, at some points I was not balanced and my behaviors were too much. I feel sorry for some professors, especially, Prof. Junehwa Song for my not-very-thoughtful words and inappropriate attitudes for the interview in which I probably should’ve been more serious and humble. I appreciate the comments from many professors.

Impressive comments from the professors. But it’s not that I agree with all of them.

  • “면접 중에 면접관의 이름을 물어보면 예의가 없어 보인다.”
  • “박사로 뽑아달라는 인터뷰를 하는 자리인 만큼 겸손한 태도를 가져야 한다.”
  • “수트를 걸치고 오는 성의도 없나. 뭐.. 그렇게 자유롭게 생각하고 행동하는 것이 오히려 좋을지도 모르겠지.”
Ph.D Interview

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