Mini workshop

Today there was a small workshop in which three students from three different labs had talks. I was one of the speakers, and I presented the WSDM paper. All the three professors (Prof. Chin-Wan Chung, Prof. Sue Moon, Prof. Alice Oh) also attended, along with Prof. Sung Hyon Myaeng. This workshop was for the students to get feedback on their papers. It was quite difficult to deliver my work to those who have little background knowledge in this research field. As I’d expected, there were some comments on my presentation structure from Prof. Moon. I love the comments and appreciate all the comments from the listeners. They tell me things I’ve not been aware of. Learning again today!

Mini workshop

One thought on “Mini workshop

  1. I felt bad making you do it when you’re so busy with so many other things. But I agree that it was a good experience for both you and me.

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