[Sheet Music] For Her

PDF: For Her

For Her

1. Don’t you want to know your God?
What’s hidden in His heart for you?
How much He longs for you to come
And open up—
To let Him in to every part
Let Him reveal what’s on His heart
What was the joy set before Him?

It was for her, the church—His Bride
It was for her, willingly He died
She is the joy deep in His heart
His masterpiece—
His counterpart.

2. The Lord chose you to be a part
Of His great plan, His work of art.
What wonder! What a privilege—
To satisfy—
His yearning to share all He is—
Divine, unsearchable riches!
What wisdom, multifarious expressed?

3. As we enjoy and enter in—
To all He is then we’ll begin—
To understand the feeling in His heart toward us.
What love that motivated Him!
To come to us, despite our sin
Why did He go and sell all that He had?

[Sheet Music] For Her

Living on God’s words

Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out through the mouth of God – Matt. 4:4

When I pray-read this verse, I thought the bread indicates not only the literal bread, but everything I “live on,” such as my work, which swallows up my mind and which I value. Satan allures us, “Keep going, keep going, work hard. Do this and do that. You need to do this well or you’ll fail your life.” I just turned to the Lord, “Lord, I want to spare my heart for your words.”

Living on God’s words