One of the differences between my current life and previous school life is at the way I spend weekends. At school I always went to the lab on weekends although it does not mean I worked hard even on weekends. Somehow my weekends were not as different from weekdays, and my strength was rather evenly distributed across the seven days. Now I really try to use weekend times usefully because the weekends are the only time I feel free from the company.

Last weekend, I spent most time with 병휘 and  some other brothers in the church.

We went to Noriter, a very unique cafe that has many small rooms and attic-like spaces. We could talk and play the ukulele in a small room. On the way back home, we played the shooting game at a shooting range in the Gung-dong area.

On Saturday, we went to Ramenmura. You guys look so hungry!

E-mart near my church has been changed to E-mart Traders recently. E-mart Traders looks very much like Costco. It has big pizzas and Starbucks!! Yes, Starbucks, which I couldn’t find nearby, came into the E-mart Traders building last week! And that’s the main reason we went there to study. Anyway, this huge pizza costs only 11k won. If we had known the pizza was this big, we would’ve ordered pieces instead.

Recently I’ve realized that I should leave the house anyway on weekends. Or I will waste my weekends dozing off and not focusing on important tasks. Looking forward to the next weekend 🙂


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