Brother’s House

The brother’s house is quite far from the UW campus. There are 7 brothers living now. When I first got there, I was impressed by two things. First, each brother has his own room. The rooms are not even small. Second, the rooms are very messy LOL. If someone says my room is messy again, I will show the pictures.

IMG_1939, 1940

This town is safe. People walk around until 12. There is a park nearby. We played the basketball from 10 to 12:30, and there were high schoolers in the park at that time.

One day, Caleb, Daniel, and I went to eat yogurt, called frozen yogurt. It is similar to Red Mango, but there are about 8 flavors of yogurt. An interesting flavor was “maple bacon donuts” flavor, which someone says tastes like coffee and I would say just strange.

Brother’s House

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