Ho-Dduk (Korean Pancake)

I made some ho-dduks for the brothers. I learned this recipe in OK. It is very simple. All I need is a can of dough, cane sugar, cinnamon spice, and oil. I put some nuts, too. A can of dough contained 8 pieces of dough, with which I made 4 pancakes.

I gave the first three to the brothers and ate the last one. It was my mistake. Although they said the taste was really good, it was not what it was supposed to be. There should have been soft, juicy, melted jam of sugar, but what I found in it was crispy sugar chunks. Maybe I should have used only one piece of dough for one pancake, I don’t remember exactly. Anyways, it was fun though.

Ho-Dduk (Korean Pancake)

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