I’m very careful not to drink so much coffee a day. I usually drink only a cup or two, otherwise I get trouble sleeping at night. Here, however, a cup of coffee is three times the amount I drink a day in Korea.

By the way, Seattle’s Best Coffee has some interesting history. (Kristin from Seattle Bites Food Tours told me.) While Starbucks was expanding its business in Seattle, Seattle’s Best Coffee was one of the most popular coffee shops in Seattle. So, this company obviously became a rival to Starbucks. Then what? Starbucks bought this company out. However, since this company had high reputation and good quality, Starbucks didn’t change its name, recipes, etc. While many coffee companies have the origins of coffee beans on their bean products, Seattle’s Best Coffee names their bean products based on the coffee’s intensity level from 1 to 5. On the box, it reads that they do this lest people have difficulty pronouncing the regions correctly. Sounds like a joke, but it’s quite a good strategy for those who don’t really care about the all kinds of countries.


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