Home Meeting

There was a brothers’ home meeting at the home of Brother Jerry and Sister Jen. They have been reading the book “Experience of Life”.

Students are tired no matter in Korea or US ☺

The food was similar to what I used to have at the home meetings in OK. Chicken breast and salad. I love salad, especially when I can choose different kinds of dressing.

We didn’t have time to sing hymns. Brian said, “Yeah.. We usually don’t sing hymns at this home meeting. Every home meeting is different, you know.” After reading a few pages, people shared what touched them. It was quite impressive that although this book is quite difficult and there is not much social time (except during dinner), many students come and enjoy the time. In the home meetings in Daejeon, students generally complain when we read some materials, and they rather want to play games and talk. I know every home meeting can be different. Brother Jin-seok once said we should forget about Austin, American ways, but we should find our own way. Well, it’s not easy to find the best way.

After the sharing, we still had about 20 minutes until 9pm. We had time to know of new people, and a couple of people who had just come back from trips shared what they enjoyed.

After the home meeting, while we were exiting the home, the conversation between Sister Jen and Brian was interesting. Jen asked Brian if the students could come next week. “We will probably be around.” “OK, then there will probably be a dinner.”

Home Meeting

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