Vacation Report

The Thinker
Think more and more without acting, and nothing will change.

These days, I’ve found myself a “big” thinker. I seek joy by thinking something good, but many times don’t really act. The 3-month summer vacation has already passed. I had many plans, most of which I haven’t worked on.

Research Topic

One of the most important things was to decide my research topic for the rest of the master’s course. I determined a broad domain, but still have to narrow down to a very specific and feasible subject. Read papers and imagine unimaginably!


There seems no point to stop studying English. I must keep listening to various English sources such as news, radio, flim, etc. In addition, I should improve my writing skill by memorizing well-written articles and stuff. I was thinking of doing these every morning, but failed. No more escape!

Reading books

I’ve got some good book list. I read pretty many books, at least more than usual. Better be more struggling!


At the beginning of the vacation, I bought an electronic keyboard. I played several songs in my head sometimes, but I didn’t really practice. I don’t know how to deal with this issue. I would be good if I get motivated to start practicing again. Not very hard, but anyway, I tried to find some issues that interest me. I read a book about the global starvation, due to which I could get to know the sad situations that were hidden to many people on the globe. I just began to read another book called “유엔 미래 보고서(UN Future Report)”. Hope to stimulate me enough for me to consider how the world is moving and changing.

The Bible

It is one main achievement that I found out the taste of the Bible. I hadn’t been enjoying reading the Bible very much. Through a difficult situation where I had to make decisions regarding my research, I leaned on and tasted His Word.

Social Service

I had kept thinking of how to participate in social services. I got to know about an organization named edushare(배움을 나누는 사람들 a.k.a. 배나사) , in which my high school alumni play main roles in teaching poor students, making textbooks, and building Web apps. I like teaching people to help them understand difficult questions. (Actually, I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger.) This activity seemed to be a good opportunity where I can do what I like and contribute to the society. However, somehow I hesitated to apply for it during the vacation and finally submitted the application form today.

Group Study

In this vacation, I was responsible for the lab group study. We have done way less than must have done. It was huge to leave the country for one month and not to take care of the group study. Setting aside the group study, I should learn many techniques and study mathematics very hard.


During the time I was out-of-country, I stopped playing tennis and it was hard to restart it because of the burden of research topics. Well… Maybe an excuse. Anyhow, I will restart learning tennis next semester.

Vacation Report