Boolean Query Model

Many users, particularly professionals, prefer Boolean query models. Boolean queries are precise… This offers the user greater control and transparency over what is retrieved… Indeed, experimenting on a Westlaw subcollection, Turtle (1994) found that free text queries produced better results than Boolean queries prepared by Westlaw’s own reference librarians for the majority of the information needs in his experiments.

Introduction to Information Retrieval, Manning

I also thought Boolean query models allow greater control over the database, and so I could produce better results. It’s interesting.

Boolean Query Model


Shazam turned out to be an awesome application. What Shazam does is to listen to a fraction of music and find the name and artists of the music. I was watching a documentary show and came to wonder what the background music was. I asked KIN(지식in), but nobody answered. I was very impressed that Shazam successfully found the music despite of confusing sound due to the music itself and the voice of the narrator.

Video clip: link (from 7:18)

Original music:

Secret OST – Ending

Two shocking points:

  1. The performance of the application.
  2. I used to listen to this album quite a lot.